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Chairperson Message – Prime Vision Academy
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Founder & Chairperson



A message to parents from our Hon’ble Founder and Chairperson

Human Resource is the most powerful tool for national development and it is the creation of educational system. Let us all come together to elevate our educational standard through our dedication and endeavour to make India at the top of development among nations. Our forthcoming generations must be made well equipped to face any challenges before the nation through their talent, skills, thoughts and innovations. Prime Vision Academy tries it’s best to ignite the spirit of nation building in the mind-set of its students. The institution looks after all round development of its students by motivating and inspiring the students to generate interest in sports and health, environmental management, community services and skill so that they become worthy persons to serve the society at large. It also reach out the competency areas of individual students and provides consultancy and guidance to excel in the suited direction. Prime Vision Academy believes every student whether highly intelligent or with low IQ possesses talent in a particular area of social need. Nourishment and guidance can make every student an able citizen of the nation. Our academic system must accept the concept of transforming all the students into resources. With the above view and objectives the management of the Prime Vision Academy constantly carry out researches to find out the ways to improve the academic environment and to create an international standard of teaching and learning within the parameters of Indian socio-economic condition. In fact, in the context of Indian socio-economic condition our education institutions can’t provide certain highly sophisticated educational facilities as such facilities are not affordable to majority of our students. In such a situation search for low cost effective teaching strategies need to be adopted. In exploring alternatives constant monitoring in student performance, classroom transaction and comprehensive evaluation are likely to serve as tools. Vibrancy, adaption of appropriate technology and updating the teaching activity can only be achieved with proper co-operation of management teachers and parents. Our Institution pays equal attention to all these three apexes of academic excellency. Lastly, Prime Vision Academy always anticipates goodwill, suggestions and co-operation of academicians and experts for its uninterrupted growth and development.